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Donation made to Help In Bereavement

Donation made to Help In Bereavement

by Wessex Vale Crematorium

Donation made to Help In Bereavement

Wessex Vale Crematorium Manager, Lisa Johnson, was pleased to present the first donation of 2018 to Linda Smith, chair from Help In Bereavement. A donation of £1500 was given to the registered charity, raised from the recycling of unwanted metals and orthopaedic implants which have been kindly donated by the next of kin, whose funeral services have taken place at the Crematorium.

Lisa Johnson said, “I would like to thank our families who have allowed these metals to be donated. This cheque is a substantial amount of money, and is going to a very worthy cause as the bereavement charity help those who have lost a loved one”.

Linda Smith Commented “Thank you so much for this generous donation of £1500. Help In Bereavement is a small charity and been running since 1979. We support the bereaved of all ages, with the losses of their loved one. This money will go towards ongoing training of the 16 active visitors, the running of the bereavement support group, and some help in bereavement literature that we provide free to the public.

Our visiting service to the bereaved is not limited to a set number of visits, it continues as long as is necessary.

Thank you again, this is a fantastic boost for us and support for those we help”.

If you would like to speak or get in contract with Help In Bereavement their email address is below:

www.help-in-bereavement.co.uk or alternatively you can phone 07432 602613 to be directed to an appropriate advisor.

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